Fossilized Agatized Crested Ceratopsian Dinosaur Head with soft tissue - 5 lbs.

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 Agatized Crested Ceratopsian Dinosaur Head with Fossilized- Petrified Bone and Soft Tissue
Fossilized Ceratopsian Head W/Petrified Soft Tissue Detail. Amazing fossil with petrified skin, color, texture, defined skull and attached frill , nose and second nose, etc. This fossil even has an earthy smell. Features look incredible when dampened with water.  See the closeups of the actual skin fragments and their scale pattern like a snake. They have full armored head frills but neither nose nor brow horns like a Protoceratops, which are only known to be found around Mongolia/China.  I have added more pics. that show all angles of this from the sides, front, back, bottom and petrified soft tissue ( greenish/black colors).  It takes 10,000 years for Dinosaur Bones or Skulls/Heads to become petrified/fossilized. 
This measures 7 x 5.5 x 4 inches and weighs 4.9 lbs. This STONE Dinosaur head (Fossil) exhibits not only the shape and correct features of this particular Dinosaur species but it has been proven possible for fossils to actually become stone. Fossilization is a process that all depends on the surrounding minerals and conditions, Texas was pretty close to the chicxulub meteor impact which caused massive destruction as you could imagine, but also set up this area for a unique form of fossilization that now presents those remains to us in this rare and unique way. This was found and dug up in San Antonio Tx. on private property.
There is a huge portion of the fossil community who absolutely do not believe in the existence of petrified dinosaur fossils showing evidence of soft tissues. This is like politics. If you have never purchased or not familiar with these rare fossils then they can't be real.  I ask any person considering buying from me who is not sure or on the fence about these fossils to please examine all of the pictures carefully. These fossils are now made up of minerals that replaced the original specimen over a long period of time.  They are technically rocks geologically speaking and I don't want to have to refund people who aren't aware of this until they actually hold the fossils in their hand. 
 *** This is being sold as is. All sales are final ****