Small Fossilized Dinosaur head or skull

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SMALL FOSSILIZED DINOSAUR HEAD.? Look and decide for yourself.
Here's a very interesting what I believe is a Smaller sized Dinosaur/Reptile Head that I got from another seller. As you can see from the pictures, it has a very distinct head/skull look to it.  It measures 76 x 53 x 38 mm's. and weighs 6 ounces. This could be from either a Edmontosaurus or possible Compsognathus  or some other smaller sized and similar Dinosaur Species fossilized head/skull. Take a look at all the pictures provided and decide for yourself what it is.
*** This is being sold as is. All sales are final. ****
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM : If you are one of those that's in denial of the existence of such particular petrified fossils, then please save your insults and/or smart remarks, etc. , and please do not purchase just to return because it's a "rock".
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