Latter Days Movie Soundtrack

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Movie Soundtrack(2004)

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Product Description

"The music is vitally intrinsic to Latter Days," says Cox, who had a firm idea of what the movie would sound like as he was forming his vision of what the movie would look like. Three of the film's original songs (More, Another Beautiful Day and Tuesday, 3:00am) were written by Cox during pre-production to serve as a commentary on the main story. In the movie these songs are performed by Christian's best friend Julie (Rebekah Jordan), an aspiring singer/songwriter. Coincidentally Rebekah Jordan was signed to a record deal with Clive Davis during the production of Latter Days, mimicking the story line penned by Cox. Soulful vocalist Nita Whitaker performs these three tracks on the soundtrack due to contractual exclusivity in Ms. Jordan's record deal.

From the Artist

Eric Allaman worked alongside with C. Jay Cox as he composed the score to Latter Days. Mr. Allaman stated "It was one of the most thrilling composer/director experiences that I had ever had." As they worked toward their final mix deadline, Mr. Allaman and Mr. Cox wrote songs together that played an intrinsic part of the movie story line. Mr. Cox even wound up performing the lead vocal on "Younger than tonight." The soundtrack is an essential element of the overall movie experience as the story focuses on Christian and his pursuit of a true relationship, and his best friend, Julie as she pursues a career as a singer/songwriter.

Track Listings

  1. Arrival in L.A. - Eric "Sir Ludwig" Allaman
  2. More
  3. Night Vision
  4. Man on a Mission
  5. Shirts & Skins
  6. If I Could Be With You Now - Bobby Joyner and Dean Nolan
  7. Flight to Salt Lake
  8. In a Snowbound Hotel Room
  9. Hymn for Those Left Behind
  10. Another Beautiful Day
  11. Younger Than You Are Tonight - C. Jay Cox
  12. Abide with Me
  13. Aversion Therapy
  14. Tuesday, 3:00am
  15. Angel on a Bus Bench
  16. Prelude in C
  17. Windmills

Product details

Latter Days (2003) Poster

Latter Days (2003)


Soundtrack Credits 

Performed by Toad the Wet Sprocket 
Written by Dan Dinning, Randel Guss, Todd Nichols & Glen Phillips 
Published by Sony/ATV Tunes, LLC (ASCAP 
Courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing 
If I Could Be With You Now 
Performed by Bobby Joyner & Dean Nolen 
Written by C. Jay Cox and Eric Allaman 
Published by Potemkin Publishing BMI 
Produced by Rudy GuessEric Allaman & Michael Lloyd
Younger Than You Are 
Written by C. Jay Cox and Eric Allaman 
Published by Potemkin Publishing 
Produced by Eric Allaman 
Abide With Me 
Performed by Heather Floyd 
Written by Henry F. Lyte & William H. Monk (as William Henry Monk) 
Public Domain 
Produced by Eric Allaman & Michael Lloyd 
Man on a Mission 
Written by C. Jay Cox 
Performed by Bobby Joyner 
Produced by Mary White 
Hymn for Those Left Behind 
Written by C. Jay Cox and Eric Allaman 
Performed by Shannon Moore 
Produced by Rudy GuessEric Allaman and Michael Lloyd 
Written by C. Jay Cox 
Lyrics Performed by Rebekah Jordan 
Produced by Rudy Guess & Eric Allaman 
Another Beautiful Day 
Written by C. Jay Cox 
Performed by Rebekah Jordan 
Background Vocals by Shannon Moore & Bobby Joyner 
Produced by Rudy Guess & Eric Allaman
Tuesday 3:00 a.m. 
Written by C. Jay Cox 
Performed by Rebekah Jordan 
Produced by Rudy Guess & Eric Allaman 

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