When A Stranger Calls Back (1993)

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| 1h 34min | HorrorMysteryThriller | TV Movie 4 April 1993


Julia is babysitting two young kids while a doctor and his wife are out. During the evening, a stranger knocks on the door asking Julia if she can call the auto club so he can get a tow. The phone line is dead though. This is all part of the act as he has made his way inside and abducted the two children. Years later, Julia has become an introvertive college student. She claims the stalker is back haunting her. Enter Jill Johnson and now retired cop John Clifford, who have reunited to help Julia find the stalker. Can they stop him before he strikes again?


When a Stranger Calls Back
When A Stranger Calls Back.jpg
Genre Horror
Based on Characters created by Steve Feke
Fred Walton
Written by Fred Walton
Directed by Fred Walton
Starring Carol Kane
Charles Durning
Jill Schoelen
Music by Dana Kaproff
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Doug Chapin
Barry Krost
Producer(s) Tom Rowe
Cinematography David Geddes
Editor(s) David Byron Lloyd
Running time 94 minutes
Production company(s) Krost/Chapin Productions
The Producers Entertainment Group
Pacific Motion Pictures
Distributor Universal Television
Original network Showtime
Original release
  • April 4, 1993
Preceded by When a Stranger Calls
Followed by When a Stranger Calls(remake)


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